We are pleased to release some preliminary findings from our fieldwork in schools. To date, we have visited 20 schools across Queensland, Victoria and ACT, and conducted over 100 interviews with staff as well as focus groups with students.

This Interim Report discusses some of our emerging findings on how screen content is being used on a daily basis in the classroom, how teachers are curating content to suit students’ needs, the relationship between teachers, content producers and intermediaries, and how YouTube has become an integral part of screening content.

Fieldwork will continue in mid-2016, with visits planned to schools in states not yet visited. If you are interested in us visiting your school, please contact us.

Some of our emerging findings include:

Teachers are using four types of screen content: ‘Signature’ content, ‘favourite’ content, ‘teachable moment’ content, and ‘in the moment’ content.

YouTube is by far the most popular source of screen content in all classrooms.

Producers aim to curate screen content for schools, including through the use of ‘bridging materials’, but teachers further curate this material to make it suitable for their students. High quality and educationally useful screen content is often not discoverable for teachers.

Bridging materials such as study guides are often produced using outdated pedagogical frameworks.

We will be blogging more about these and other findings in the near future.

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