Join Australia’s leading producers, policy makers, distributors and educators for a half day forum on what is happening with screen content in Australia’s digitally enabled classrooms.
Speakers include: Prof Stuart Cunningham (QUT), Dr Kylie Boltin, Emily Franke (SBS), Travis Cardona (SBS), David Sutton(ABC), James Dickinson (Screenrights), Suan Yeo (Google), Rupert Denton (ClickView), Cathy Henkel (Virgo Productions), Mitzi Goldman (DAF), Peter Maggs (ACTF), Richard Harris (Screen Australia), Moneth Montemayor (Indooroopilly State High School) and Elliot Davidson (Mossman State High School).

Classrooms across the nation are now nearly universally digitally capable. Teachers are newly empowered in their search for arresting, relevant screen-based material for their classrooms and have flocked to the ubiquitous, free resources available on YouTube, despite it, and other social media platforms, being restrictedn some state education jurisdictions. A wide range of supplier companies seek to meet, or create, demand for Australian content, but only a few have mastered the complex nature of the education market and developed sufficiently robust, user-friendly and relevant platforms which can deliver at scale. Many traditional suppliers are struggling or have run aground in the new environment.

The forum will report on the results of Screen Content in Australian Education: Digital Promise and Pitfalls, one of the most in‑depth studies of the distribution and use of screen media in education ever conducted in Australia.  The report includes insights from producers and distributors, interviews with hundreds of teachers, students and industry representatives, and observations of classroom practice. The project has run from 2014-2016 in conjunction with our project partners Screen Australia, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF), and is funded by the Australian Research Council.

Time: 2pm-5pm, 31 October
Venue: Screen Australia, Ultimo, NSW.

Visit the registration page for further information or contact Nicki Hall, Digital Media Research Centre, QUT.

Note: Registration is essential for this free event.

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