Screen Content in Australian Education: Digital Promise and Pitfalls launch, Screen Australia, Sydney

Listen to the panels sessions from the launch of our research paper Screen Content in Australian Education: Digital Promise and Pitfalls. Australia’s leading producers, policy makers, distributors and educators discuss what’s happening with screen content in our digitally enabled classrooms, the importance of interactive content and teacher engagement in production.  Plus, how suppliers can get their content seen in schools, how teachers can find good content and the best ways forward with teaching support materials.

Panel 1 on SBS’s The Boat
Dr Kylie Boltin – SBS, Emily Franke – SBS, Moneth Montemayor – Indooroopilly SHS and Elliot Davidson – Mossman SHS.

Panel 2 Key players delivering screen content in Australian education
Travis Cardona – SBS, David Sutton – ABC, James Dickinson – Screenrights, Suan Yeo – Google, and Rupert Denton – ClickView.

Panel 3 Screen content into the classroom and the development of support materials
Dr Cathy Henkel – Western Australia Screen Academy/Virgo Productions CEO, Dr Mitzi Goldman – Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF) CEO, Peter Maggs – Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) and Richard Harris – Screen Australia.